Outdoor Club of South Jersey


 Welcome to the Outdoor Club of South Jersey!


Hello and welcome to the Outdoor Club of South Jersey or otherwise known as OCSJ. We are a local private non-profit club generally based out of south central New Jersey. The club is dedicated to providing opportunities for extending the individual's awareness, knowledge, appreciation, and enjoyment of the environment through experiences in outdoor activities. 


You must be a current member to participate in any activity. We do allow perspective members to try an activity free first, and then to join thereafter. Thank you for joining. Your membership fee covers the operating expenses of the organization.

Activity and Trip Listings

Activity and trip listings are compiled on a quarterly basis and made available on the club website (www.ocsj.org) and through the quarterly list of activities called the Trekker.

Club Website

The club website lists descriptions and contact information of activities for the current quarter of the year. Trip reports, activity photos, membership forms, and policies are also provided.

The Trekker (Last Issue Spring 2017)

The Trekker is the paper copy of the current quarterly activities which parallel the information on the club website. It is being phased out -with the last issue the Spring of 2017. There is a supplemental fee for this paper copy, to help cover the cost of printing and postage (as described on the membership form). The current Trekker is also available on the club website (www.ocsj.org) in pdf form for downloading and printing.


The Club also has 3 meetup sites. We would encourage members to join. Meetup members will have announcements of upcoming activities sent directly to them by E-mail.

Backpacking/Hiking: http://www.meetup.com/Outdoor-Club-of-South-Jersey-Hiking/

Biking: http://www.meetup.com/Outdoor-Club-of-South-Jersey/

Canoeing: http://www.meetup.com/Outdoor-Club-of-South-Jersey-Canoeing/


Activities are listed, organized, and run by individual volunteers. There are generally no fees involved unless the activity has cost involved with it i.e. bus trips, ski trips, and camping trips, etc. Examine the activity listing carefully before attending and contact the activity leader with any questions. Be prepared to stay with the activity from beginning to end.

The Club and Board

The Outdoor Club is run and organized by volunteer board members and trustees, including activity chairpersons. The board meets monthly to conduct club business on the second Thursday of each month

Please feel free to contact any board member with questions or concerns. E-mail addresses and phone numbers of each board member are listed on the front inside cover of the Trekker and also on the website under the Board member category. The Board of Trustees welcomes you and hopes to see you on many Outdoor Club activities!