Outdoor Club of South Jersey

A Message from the Canoeing/Kayaking Activity Chair


Always check the website for current information. None of these activities would have been possible without the leaders who volunteer their talent and time. I want to thank them.  When you are on a trip take the time to thank them and consider becoming a leader.


Frank Pearce






1-       All participants must sign-in

2-       PFD’S must be worn. (83% of canoeing fatalities were not wearing a PFD)

3-       Stay between leader and sweep.

4-       Wear appropriate clothes (Avoid Cotton) dress for water temperatures.

5-       Have at least one change of clothing in a water- protected bag with you

6-       Flip flops are not appropriate footwear. (No bare feet  - 90 % of paddling injuries)

7-       Flashlight required for evening trips.

8-       Whistle is required for Delaware River trips and recommended for all trips.

9-       A helmet for whitewater may also be a good investment. 

10-   Don’t wish to participate in organized shuttle  -make your own arrangements.

11-   You must assess the suitability and condition of your equipment and if a trip is within your abilities.

12-   Please leave sufficient driving time to safely arrive.

13-   If you have questions, especially if a trip is right for you, call the leader.

14-   Check the website –ocsj.org - for the latest information.

15-   Leaders have final say on trip participation involving safety concerns.

16-   Leaders- if a trip is cancelled please notify the Chair. 

17-   Leaders -carry a copy of the incident report form. (can be obtained from website)

18-   Leaders –send sign-in sheets and any incident reports to Canoe Chair.


 Leaders must submit (mail/fax) sign-in sheets to the Canoeing/Kayaking Chair in a timely manner.

(Guideline- No later than 2 weeks after quarterly schedule ends.)

To help make your paddling experience a safe and enjoyable one , read the trip description.  If you have  questions ,especially if a trip is right for you,  contact the leader. Factors such as trip length , pace , water classification, number of stops ,river conditions (cleared, obstructions ,rocks), weather conditions etc. should  all be considered. You should stay between the designated leader and the sweep.

Paddling can be fun but be prepared. Please leave sufficient driving time to safely arrive. Wear the appropriate clothing and have a water- protected dry change of clothes with you. Remember to dress for the water temperature and not the air temperature. Avoid cotton clothing, it will not keep you warm if wet and will be slow drying, a synthetic fabric such as polartec is a better choice You must assess the suitability and condition of your equipment and if a trip is within your abilities. Water levels, weather, and leader availability may cause trip cancellations or changes including additions. Check the Club Website at  www.ocsj.org prior to attending an activity for last minute trip changes.

OCSJ Activity leaders are  required to forward all activity sign-in sheets. This can be done by mail, fax, scanned E-mail attachment sent to the Activity Chair ( or individual(s) designated by the Activity Chair ) no less frequently than by the end of each calendar quarter (i.e. March 31, June 30, September30, December 31).

 Note: If a trip is cancelled notify me so the club website can be updated and I have the proper information for the historical record.


Frank Pearce,

OCSJ Canoeing Chair