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Our Mission Statement


The Outdoor Club of South Jersey is a not for profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for extending the individual's awareness, knowledge, appreciation, and enjoyment of the environment through experiences in outdoor activities.


The Club is committed to the wise use, preservation, and respect for the outdoors and its natural beauty.


The Club is made up of people of all ages who are involved with the outdoors. All activities are led by volunteer members. The Club offers all members an opportunity to be a part of or to create their own outdoor experience or activity.

Email Address for EZ Renewal Reminder

When only using this Website for club information, you are notified using your Email address prior to your expiration date. Please send your current or changed Email address to Treasurer@ocsj.org

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Who does all this....


The club is made up of volunteers, just like you. People become members, then get more active, become leaders, section leaders, and board members.


Everyone is a volunteer and a paying member.


Leaders create trips and list them in their sections, such as Hiking or X-C skiiing. We list these on the website, and in our Trekker brochure, which is published quarterly.

Membership Fee

The membership fee is $20 per year
             ($25 Family per year).

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I am a volunteer EMT/FF.  I realized this past summer how many people, myself included, go hiking, biking, kayaking etc. without any type of identification.  I couldn't venture a guess as to how many times I've responded to an unresponsive patient with no ID at all.

I recently discovered an ID bracelet called 'Road ID'. The basic models has your name,  phone # and emergency contact # engraved on it.  These go for around $20.  The other type has your name and a website / phone # on the front . There is a password & pin number on the back.   An emergency responder can easily access your medical info and emergency contacts. The only information given is what you choose to have released. This type also starts at $20 with a yearly internet charge of $9.95.

They can be contacted

  by going online at: www.RoadID.com

  by calling the Customer Service Department: 800-345-6336

  by mail: Road ID, 516 Enterprise Drive, Erlanger, KY 41017

  by fax: 859-341-5965

Best regards, Capt. Larry  rutrow08006@comcast.net 

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