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News Year Day Hike.  On Jan 1, 2020 over 150 OCSJ members, joined Chris, Pat and Bob for a celebration hike at Atsion.

Spotlight on our Members

The Mile Clubs

It takes an enormous amount of dedication and determination to commit to the OCSJ Mileage Clubs, but if you are a person who welcomes a challenge, enjoys group activities, and/or simply likes the outdoors, you should really consider joining one of our mileage clubs. If you are an OCSJ member, just contact any of the contacts below and join Us.

  • 500 Mile Club - Valerie Danzey ( )
  • Grand Mile Club - Jon Peterson (
  • Paddler's Mile Club - Erika Blank (
  • Bicycle Mile Club - Neil Kornhauser (

500 Mile Club

The 17 people in the  2019 500 Mile Club hiked over 10k miles.  Special congratulations to 10 that accomplished their goal (either 500 or 750) - Ann Palatis, Bonnie Lindsay, Claire Farnum, FredErika Blatz, John Gimble, Laurie Korth, Marie Messler, Paul Baumhauer, Toni Pasquale, & Valerie Danzey.

Grand Mile Club

The 2019 numbers are here. And our feet do all the work. Total 2019 combined miles we did.....39,844  :-)  Everyone did a wonderful job. We all need a big Hooray for our efforts in 2019!!!  The following members have completed at least 1000 in 2019.

Faye Bray, Jenny Buffington, Stephanie Campbell, Dave Chamberlain, Ken Coble, Mae Cox, Dennis DeVries, Donna Ellis, Doug Gilmore, Michelle Gosser, Janet Hahn, Jeff Heilbrun, Fran Horn, Joe Hummel, Millie Moore, Gary Patterson, Trudy Patterson, Jon Peterson, Bill Schaefer, Lynn Scheer, Jay Schoss, Joan Seddon, Vera Stek, William Tahirak, Carol Thompson

Paddler's Mile Club

The following paddlers have submitted their total mileage for 2019

Erica Blank, Ian Blundell, Linda Yeager,  John Yeager, Shirley Maribona, Ira Grindlinger.

Bicycle Mile Club

The following cyclists have submitted their total outdoor mileage for 2019

Colette Walker,  Ted Daily, Frank Flynn,  Tim Scattergood, Matt Edwards, Neil Kornhauser, Nancy Pomilio, Fran Horn, Christine Torello, Sathya Weerasooriya, Frank Simila


Membership information is now available with the following links:

OCSJ.ORG  - click on the Join OCSJ button and enter your email address and password. 
Wild Apricot app on you phone

    OCSJ's mailing address is: 

           OCSJ, PO Box 46, Atco, NJ 08004 

     Our annual membership rates are:

     Individual - $20 or Family - $25 


    Membership Questions: contact Regina Coeby at   

    To receive up to date club information, we encourage everyone to go to our website and to join our Meetup groups.


    1.  OCSJ is a member organization. Membership funds pay for insurance and other Club overhead. However, prospective members and guests of OCSJ members may try one regular activity from each of our activity sections without joining. Thereafter they must join to be eligible for the hundreds of activities and events available every year.

    2.  Participants on trips which charge money must be members of OCSJ, except where the trip is a joint trip with another club and the participant is a member of that club. If there is space available, members of OCSJ may bring guests on a day trip charging money. Participants on overnight trips charging money must always be an OCSJ member.

    Any comments please Contact Joseph Fabian (


    Our activities are listed on the following Meetup sites.  

    Click Links Below to Join and View

    * Biking Events List Link

    *Kayak Events List Link

    Note:  You must join each meetup group separately

    If you are planning to attend an event, do not forget to RSVP. This is important information for the leader. And of course, if your plans change, please cancel your RSVP. Meetup will automatically send you an email if the activity is cancelled.


    The new printed Trekker is available quarterly at OCSJ board meetings and from Board Members and Leaders.  Or you can print the whole or any page of the Trekker by clicking on the link:

    OCSJ_Trekker Winter 2020.pdf

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    Outdoor Club of South Jersey


    Bob Hodges was an active member of the Outdoor Club of South Jersey for many years and leader of the Friday night hikes for over 18 years. 

    In his honor, his friends are planning to place a Memorial Plaque and Bench in the Brendan Byrne State Forest.

    If you would like to contribute to this fund, please send a check marked

    "Bob Hodges Memorial Fund" to OCSJ, PO Box 46, Atco, NJ 08004 


    The Leader's Banquet is scheduled for March 15, 2020.  The Banquet will again take place at the Ramblewood Country Club.  All leaders who met the requirements will be invited with a guest.  Please RSVP.  We must confirm our reservations at least 2 weeks before the event.

    Leaders should review items under “For Leaders“ and "Leader Guidelines" on the OCSJ Website. 

    Sign-in Sheets should be sent to appropriate Activity Chair or individuals designated by them – or Activities coordinator if the event involves more than 1 activity NO LATER THAN EACH CALENDAR QUARTER with few exceptions which are listed on website under “For Leaders”. 


    Our comittee presently consists of John Kerney, Neil Kornhauser, Doug Hillebrecht, Mary Ketchell and Rosemarie Mason.  We would like to add more committee members; the more people involved means more great ideas and more events!

    We meet at 6:30 pm before the regular OCSJ board meeting on the second Thursday of every month at the Cherry Hill Library. Please feel free to join the committee or just share your ideas.  

    John Kerney - Social Committee Coordinator -

    Message from the cycling chair:

    In the past 30 days we have seen temperatures in the 20’s all the way up to the 60’s, high winds and dense fog.  This does not stop our cyclists from getting out there and having a blast on both road bikes and mountain bikes. Our calendar is filled with fun rides, not only for weekend warriors but many rides during the week.  All of our rides are very social; we stay together as a group and help each other out for all mechanical issues. Continue watching our calendar for more awesome adventures!

    Please don’t forget to patronize our local bike shops.  As OCSJ members you will get 10% off non-sale items at the following local shops:

    • ·         Peddler’s Shop-Deptford
    • ·         Aistriu-Marlton
    • ·         Wheelies-Medford
    • ·         Erlton Bike Shop-Cherry Hill
    • ·        

    Monthly DIY Tip

    Remember to check your tire pressure before every ride.  Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure listed on your tires.  As far as mountain bike tires, thorns from the trails will create very slow leaks.  After a ride your tires may appear fine, but often go flat the next day!  I always give my tires a squeeze a day or 2 after a ride.

    Thank you and see you on the road and trails!

    Neil Kornhauser  (cycling chairman)


    Trail work continues even when its cold and dreary outside. The OCSJ trail crew will be working on these projects for January:

    1. Filling another hole in the Batona Trail on the berm by Evans Bridge

    2. Trimming the Batona between RT 679 and Martha Bridge

    3. Trimming the Batona in Bass River SF between mile markers .5 and 3.

    4. Planning a new footbridge by mile marker 38.5 in the Franklin Parker section

    Please come out and assist the crew!! We have a great time while giving back to our Pinelands community and Camper Pat's hot chocolate is a delicious way to end a morning of trail work!

    Ro Mason is our Trail Representative. Every Tuesday, she will be organizing work days for the BATONA Trail. To volunteer, please contact Ro at


    Message from the Hiking Chair:

    I hope you got out and enjoyed that spring like weekend in mid January, we had quite a few hikes that weekend in short sleeves!

    Please remember if you sign up for a hike with a limit and cannot make it, please change your RSVP ASAP. That way anyone on the waiting list can enjoy the hike. No shows and last minute cancellations prevent wait list folks from hiking.  Hike leaders can move non members to the wait list if members are on the wait list, joining is easy, and we hope you will become a member.

    Featured hike: Sunday, January 26, 2020 Search for the Tundra Swine with Jay Schoss

    Brendan T. Byrne State Forest

    Highway Route 72 East · New Lisbon, NJ


    Walk 10 miles or more as we try to find the migratory Canadian Pigs that occasionally overwinter in Brendan Byrne SF. We'll follow sand roads, old trails and fire cuts walking at a steady 3 mph pace with few stops. Wet feet are a possibility so be prepared.
    Leader: Jay Schoss If you have questions about the starting point or this walk is suitable for you contact me by the previous day.

    Monthly Tip

    Crampons are very useful when hiking on ice, they slip over your hiking boots and can keep you from a nasty fall.  Don't forget your winter clothing: Synthetics and down win here. Grab a warm sweater and synthetic undershirt. Pack another warm layer like a down jacket into your backpack. Don’t forget a hat and gloves, and always water and a snack, you may not be as thirsty in the cold, but you still need to hydrate and eat! You burn more calories in cold weather so eat and drink up.

    There were a fair number of people looking to hike near the shore or deep south Jersey, so if you are willing to lead hikes in either area please step up.

    If there any hikers that will be willing to assist me in scouting different areas in Monmouth and Mercer County please call me.I live 3 miles from the Toms River area.I have some different areas to explore at County Parks.  Thank You, Al DiCianni 732 -569-6858


    More leaders = more hikes! If you need help setting up a hike or have questions or if you are interested in leading, email Evelyn.

    Thank you and see you on the trails.

    If you would like to volunteer to lead a new hike, please contact Evelyn at   

    After work Cooper River Park

    Fun, fast paced 3.7 miles on paved path.(Typically 3.5 to 3.7 miles per hour.)


    Every Tuesday, this hike leaves at 6:15pm sharp from Yacht Club parking lot on South Park Drive 

    Leader: Valerie Danzey, (8 5 6) 495-4350,

    Backpacking/Camping Trips

    If you would like to organize a trip or for backpacking information, contact Kevin at KDREVIK@AOL.COM


    Message from the kayaking chair:

    • Everyone must sign the sign-in sheets.
    • PFD’s must be worn when on the water. 
    • Footwear must be closed toe-no flip-flops.

    Rules for minors on the OCSJ website.

    Leaders have final say on participation  based on safety  concerns. Examples would be  bringing small children or  pets. Some will ask about limits on trip size. This might be set by safety concerns or limited parking. If you have a question, please contact the leader first.

    Enjoy the season but stay safe.

    Happy Paddling

    If you would like to organize a trip, contact Frank at


    Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trips


    The Winter Schedule

    The Cross Country ski and Snowshoe trips are now on the OCSJ Website. For more information, please contact our Cross Country Ski-chair Eileen Greve ( 609-204-6451.

    Check the site for more information:  

    Please note:

    To confirm your place on the trip, you must contact the leader by phone or email. All payments are non-refundable without finding a replacement. 


    Leaders Banquet -

    Our Banquet will be at the Ramblewood Country Club on March 15, 2020.  Leaders who lead the required number of trips in 2019 will be notified by email.

    Washington DC Bus Trip - 

    We are taking the bus to Washington DC on May 9, 2020.  Check our meetup sites for full details

    Cape May Weekend -

    We are planning to spend the weekend of June 12-14, 2020 at the Chalfonte Hotel in Cape May.  Check our meetup site for full details.


    The club is actively looking for members to become more involved with the operation. We have a new Volunteer Coordinator, Barbara Berman. If you would like to volunteer or desire more information, please contact Barbara at

    The club needs people to serve on the board and aid in the processes that keep the club in operation. If you wonder how the club is organized and how it runs, or what leaders do, come on out to a monthly board meeting. (Second Thursday of every month at the Cherry Hill library at 7:30pm). It's your club and we welcome you to get involved.

    Board of Trustrees - Interested in joining the OCSJ Board. Come out to a couple of meetings or contact the OCSJ President at

    Publicity - We would like to have the OCSJ name appear in more places both in print and online. Contact Fran at if you have ideas and would like to help.

    Party/Picnic Planning Committee -  If you would like to help with the 2019 Picnics, contact the OCSJ President at 

    Website/Computer - We could use some help from people with computer or website experience.  Contact the OCSJ President at