Outdoor Club of South Jersey
A Message from the HIKING CHAIR

  They say change is hard, and I want to thank all of our dedicated hiking leaders for putting up with the changes in how they list and updates the hikes they offer. And we will have future changes as we let our members in to RSVP and leave comments and maybe even upload photos from the trips.... (still working on that last one, sorry Faye!)
While the hike schedule may now look different, one thing hasn't changed; we still have an amazing number of great hikes to great locations.
  We have new leaders and returning veterans. We have quick suburban walks, short forest hikes, and longer explorations of the Pines. 
I hope to see you all out on the trails.

David Bicking



Hiking with the club is good exercise and a great way to make new friends. Our fine leaders offer a broad range of hikes in terms of distance, pace, days and times. Hike descriptions include distance, pace and abbreviations such as WF (wet feet possible). Explanations of them and standard hike meeting places are elsewhere in this Trekker.

Distances listed in hike descriptions are approximate. They can vary due to conditions and other factors. If you have questions about a hike, feel free to call the leader.

Hikes usually start promptly at the stated time. Please leave sufficient driving time to safely arrive about 15 minutes early. All hikes begin with a club sign in and waiver sheet. Everyone must sign for liability reasons. Members are welcome to bring a non-member friend as a guest. Non-members are welcome for an initial trip, but need to join thereafter.

Be sure to check the hiking section of the club’s web site for updates, new trips and cancellation notices, including last minute ones.

Also there is a new addition to the club website under hiking – a list of what to bring on a hike.
Our leaders are all volunteers. Please thank them for their efforts while hiking with them. Speaking of that, we are always in need of new leaders. If you are interested, talk to a current leader and/or send an email to

Hike leaders – please check the club web site for leader info. And remember sign in sheets must be turned in to the hiking chair.


The requirements above provide the basic minimum requirements every hike leader must abide by.



The following items provide further information and instructions on various aspect of leading events. Hike leaders must be familiar with the content of these instructions.

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500,750 and Grand Mile Hiking Clubs for 2014

Coordinators for the 500, 750 and Grand Mile hiking clubs for 2015 are:

500 Mile Club:Bill Schaefer weschaefer@verizon.net, 908-337-704

750 Mile Club: Bill Schaefer weschaefer@verizon.net, 908-337-704

Grand (1000) Mile Club: Bill Poulson (wpoul@comcast.net) 856-983-7609

The goal of each club is to achieve the designated miles in the year 2015. If you like a challenge, want to get in better shape, or simply enjoy walking, join us. You can accumulate mileage on hikes, walking, running, cross-country skiing, or a treadmill. Minimum of 1 mile per outing/segment. No limit to how many segments you can do in a day. Membership fee is very competitively priced ---
ZERO! Contact the coordinator of the club of your choice to sign up or get more


You are welcomed to try out your first trip with us for free. Thereafter you must be a member to participate. You can access the membership form from the membership web page or ask your hiking leader.


Feel free to contact me at any time. Bruce Steidel at bsteidel@aol.com