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Outdoor Club of South Jersey

Do I need to be a member?
Yes, OCSJ is a member organization that charges dues. Membership funds pay for the overhead of the club. 

How do I become a member?
You join online from our website, click on Join us. Leaders may have forms on their activities or may be available during special events.  You can also mail in a check , please include your name and address addressed to:

Outdoor Club of South Jersey

PO Box 74 

Oceanville, NJ 08231

What do I get for my money?
It is our goal to be as cost efficient as possible.  Your membership money supports the following:
 -Club insurance - board member, leaders and members are insured.
-Operating expenses - Office expenses, database, website, newsletter, publications, publicity
-Activities - deposits for activities and parties, picnics, meetings, awards and memoriums

How do I know when I need to renew?
Our normal membership is 1 or 2 years.  Sometime  before your expiration date, you will receive an email with a gentle reminder. A second  reminder will be  sent  at  expiration. In case, you have changed your email or address, we will send you another reminder in the next month.  

How do I contact the club?
You may email a leader or call regarding that leaders activity. You can contact a section chair or board member in the same fashion. Our contact information is on the website at Board Members

How do I find activities and events?
Our activities and events are listing on our website. Also, cancellations or updates are listed on the website. We have 3 Meetup sites which  list our events. Membership in these meetups  is included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  Each must  be joined separately.  We would  encourage  you to  join them. 




How do I start going on activities?
It’s easy to start doing activities with OCSJ. Look at the website for compatible activities and events. Read the listing carefully to see if it’s something you can do. For more details you can contact the leader directly. Some activities require special gear, boots, as described in that activity. Be sure to wear the proper layered clothing, and bring food and a beverage appropriate for the activity. Special events may have certain requirements, or fees to cover transportation, lodging, as required, and advance registration.

How do I know if I can handle an Activity?
Try to pick an activity that you feel comfortable with, especially in the beginning. Don't try for the longest hike if you are not experienced. If you are new to boating, inform the leader before you go for suggestions and advice. Some special events require some experience in that area as well.

How early should I show up for an Activity?
For most events, you should be present and ready with gear to go at the designated location, from 30 to 15 minutes before the event. Its the practice of leaders to leave promptly at the scheduled start time. If you are new to that event, be there early. You will need the time to sign-in, and most leaders have a welcome message for the group. Some activities designate special meeting times or requirements.

Can I bring a guest? Paid  members  can  bring a  guest  who may try one regular trip from each of our sections for free for the first time. Thereafter the  guest  must  join to be eligible for the hundreds of trips and events every year.

Can children and minors attend?

Depending upon the trip. If some trips use the code NC. This means no minors. Minors are under the age of 18. If you are bringing a minor along, check with the leader ahead of time, make sure the minor will be able to keep pace, and attend the full length of the activity, and the adult or guardian must also sign in as such on the sign-in sheet.

How can I help?
You can help in many ways through all sections of the club, from helping leaders, to becoming leaders. You can help on special committees or special events. You may be interested in helping at the organization meetings or becoming a board officer. All it takes is a little desire to help, and we'll show you what to do.  Contact
Barbara Berman -  Volunteer Coordinator - 856-912-0077

How can I suggest a trip or event?
Yes you can. Many leaders are open to hearing about new possibilities, especially of those members are interested in. You can contact the section chair or board members to make suggestion as well. We welcome hearing from you and would like to know what kinds of events and trips would be of interest. You may suggest a trip and we organize and create it.

How do I become a leader or helper?
The first step may be to approach a leader to volunteer. You may start out by helping the leader, or find out more information on how to become a leader and our requirements. You can contact any board member as well for that information. We encourage you to be involved. Every leader also pays to be a member of the club.

How is the club organized?
The club is made up of volunteers. All leaders and board members and section chairs are volunteer members. There is a club meeting once a month, that you may attend, where the business and overhead of the club is managed.  MEETINGS Most trips and events are created and organized by individual leaders themselves and posted on our website . All paid members are members of the entire club. We work together to maintain the process of the non-profit organization. We are always actively looking for members to get involved in these functions.

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