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We offer road and trail riding all year long.  Road rides are categorized by pace.  We have     D (10-12 mph), C (12-14 mph), C+ (14-16 mph), B (16-18 mph) and B+/A (18-20+ mph) rides ranging in distance from 15 – 150 miles.

 We have easy hybrid rides on trails and towpaths and more aggressive trail riding with mountain bikes only in the Pine Barrens and other state parks.

Helmets are required on all OCSJ rides and riders should always carry 2 spare tubes, a pump and the tools necessary for minor repairs on the road or trails.  Rules of the road, cycling etiquette along with group riding skills can be found  under the bicycling tab on the OCSJ website.       

Do you have an idea for a ride or a bike trip?  Please consider volunteering to lead rides or trips!  We can offer you help getting started.  We have a repository of approximately 700 different routes on our PREMIUM Ride With GPS Club Account that current paid OCSJ members have access to or you can use your own route.  Without leaders there are no rides. 

  See you on the roads and trails!

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